Statistics reveals that the school has an average decrease of 4%, with the previous SY (2015-2016) having the most number of decrease in enrolment with 8.7% or 251 students.

The decline in the enrolment can be attributed to students who have decided to transfer to nearby and newly-opened high schools in the Division of Paranaque. Another reason is the relocation of most families who live within the catchment areas of the school to Naic, Cavite, as part of the priority project on housing program of the Pasay City Government.
the enrolment of OHSP for the past two school years, where KNHS has successfully implemented the unique program of the division. It is noted that there is an increase of 23% in enrolment from SY 2014-2015 to SY 2015-2016.The increase may be credited to the effort of the school to help students continue their studies despite the different life situations these learners are experiencing.

The three school year enrolment of Alternative Learning System (ALS) students from SY 2013-2014 to SY 2015-2016.Statistics indicates an average increase of 14.2% in enrolment, with the previous SY demonstrating the highest percentage of increase (37%).Figures also revealed that it was only in the school year 2015-2016 where enrolment for ALS has been fully implemented in all quarters.

It can be gleaned from the figure that most of the students from grades 7-10 are within the range of normal in health status.More male students fall under wasted and severely wasted with 39% difference from the female students.

Only 2.28% from total enrolment fall under the overweight.

Generally, figures show that most of the students are in good health and this can be manifested from their active participation with the school’s different programs and activities.

It is evident that most of the categories of teacher’s professional development were attended by the teachers.However, figures confirm that there is a need to provide teachers with trainings in Instructional Supervision, because it manifested the lowest percentage of development among teachers with only 18.35% from the 109 teaching force.

Teachers attending seminars in co-curricular activities like BSP, GSP, Red Cross, etc should also be enhanced since only 27.52% were given trainings.