E-SALN 2017
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CS Form No. 212 Revised Personal Data 2017
E-PDS s2017
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School Report Card SY1516
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10/03/2017Addendum to the Unnumbered Memo dated Sept. 29, 2017 re: SDO Tribute to Retirees
10/02/2017Orientation on Guidelines for Work Immersion
10/02/2017Submission of Division Federation and School’s GPTAs Action Plan for SY 2017-2018
10/02/2017Meeting of Division GAD Focal Point System
10/02/2017Orientation on the Enhanced ALS Curriculum and Related ALS Policies and Standards for Elem and Secondary School Principals
10/02/2017Schedule of Observation of Classes and Monitoring of Curricular Programs and Projects by EPS and PSDS (October, 2017)
10/02/2017Administration of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) SY 2017-2018
10/02/2017Administration of Teacher’s English Proficiency Test (TEPT) and Process Skills Test (PST) in Science and Math SY 2017-2018
10/02/20172017 Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz
10/02/2017Monitoring on the Administration of National Achievement Test ( NAT) for Grade 7
10/02/2017Designation as OIC of the DCS, Pasay City
10/02/2017Enhancement Training Workshop of Philippine Cultural Dance for MAPEH Teachers of SDO Pasay City
09/27/2017Replacement of Designation as Monitoring Official from Septembet 2017 to March 2018
09/27/20176th World Cup Philippines Journalism Workshops
09/27/2017World Standards Day and National Standards Week with the 7th Standards Essay Writing Contest (SEWC) and the 1st Standards Poster Making Contest (SPMC)
09/27/2017Conduct of the CY 2017 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)
09/26/2017Division Three-Day Training/Seminar for Senior High School Teachers Writeshop for Institutional Assessment
09/26/2017Assignment of the Supervising Team Members of Open High School Program from October 2017 to March 2018
09/25/2017Educators Forum of DOST-SEI
09/25/2017Finalization of Lesson Exemplars Integrating Nuclear Science
09/25/2017CBS DepEd Venture: Alay sa mga Guro
09/25/2017Addendum to Unnumbered Division Memo re: Loyalty Awards and Oath Taking of Newly Promoted Division and School Officials
09/25/2017Administration of the National Achievement Test (NAT) SY 2017-2018
09/22/2017Corrigendum to Unnumbered Deped-NCR Memo dated August 14, 2017
09/22/2017Planning Meeting of the HRTD Technical Working Group for the Interfacing of Supervisors and Principals
09/20/2017Participation in the Alay Lakad 2017
09/20/2017SDO Pasay City Selection Committee for the Regional Search of Gawad sa Natatanging Guro and Gawad sa Haliging Guro sa Paninilbihan
09/20/2017Gawad sa Natatanging Guro and Gawad sa Haliging Guro sa Paninilbihan
09/20/2017Free Coaching Seminar on Futzal
09/20/2017Loyalty Awards and oath Taking of Newly Promoted Division and School Officials
09/20/2017Conduct of the 2017 Regional Schools Press Conference and Contests ( RSPCC)
09/20/2017List of Teachers for the Division Celebration of Teachers’ Month
09/19/2017Addendum to Unnumbered Memo dated Sept. 15, 2017: 2017 NCR TLE/TVE-Technolympics
09/19/2017Safekeeping of GPTAs Reports
09/19/201745th Anniversary of Alay Lakad
09/19/2017Corrigendum to PCGSP Circular No. 30, s. 2017 re: GSP Basic/Age-Level Specialization Training Course for Troop Leaders
09/19/2017Addendum to the Planning Meeting for the Technical Working Group Committee of Seminar-Workshop on the Transformation into a Corporate Attitude for the School-Based Non-Teaching Personnel for SDO Pasay City
09/19/2017National and Regional DepEd ICT Summits
09/19/2017Escoda Day Ceremony
09/19/2017Participation to First National Assembly of Education Leaders
09/19/2017Division Meeting of Senior High School Assistant Principals
09/18/2017Division World Teachers’ Day Celebration 2017
09/18/2017Designation as OIC of the DCS, Pasay City
09/18/2017List of Participants in the Development, Validation and Finalization of Curriculm Guides for Special Program in Foreign Language (SPFL)
09/18/2017DCS, Pasay City’s Participation to the DepEd-NCR 2017 World Teachers Day Celebration
09/18/2017On the Spot Essay Writing and Translation Contests
09/18/2017Celebration of International Day of Peace-SDO Pasay City Schools United for Peace
09/15/2017Corrigendum and Addendum to Unnumbered Memo dated Sept 11,2017 re: Five-Day Enhancement Training Course on Arabic Emergent Reading and Culture Awareness (AERCA)
09/15/2017Final List of 10 NCR Pilot Schools for SPFL-Korean and Conduct of Orientation for Twenty Teachers, Regional SPFL Coordinator, Division SPFL Coordinator and School Heads
09/15/20172017 NCR TLE/TVE- Technolympics
09/15/2017Administrative Meeting Cum Training for Kariton Klasrum
09/15/2017Planning Meeting for the Technical Working Committee of Seminar Workshop on the Transformation into a Corporate Attitude for School-Based Non-Teaching Personnel for SDO Pasay City
09/15/2017Meeting of Red Cross Youth (RCY) Advisers and Co-Advisers of SDO Pasay City
09/15/2017GSP Notice of Meeting
09/15/2017Monitoring and Evaluation on the Implementation of LIS for Public and Private Schools SY 2017-2018
09/15/2017Continuous Strengthening of School Canteen Operation and Management
09/15/2017Meeting with MAPEH Department Heads/Coordinator, Cluster Focal Person and Paragames
09/15/20172017 National Teachers Month: Teachers’ Got Talent Schedule and Guidelines
09/14/2017Development of Assessment Materials for Grades 3,6 and 10 in English, Science, Math and Filipino
09/14/2017Suspension of Classes at Padre Burgos Elem School and Epifanio Delos Santos Elem School due to 2017 Pasay City Elem Schools Press Conference
09/14/2017BSP Meeting
09/13/2017Salinlahi Evolution: An App Development Competition
09/13/20172017 National Competition for Storybook Writing for Kindergarten to Grade 3 Teachers
09/13/2017High School Clash 2017
09/13/2017Regional Popcom Quiz Bee and On-the-Spot Skills and Exhibition of Talents
09/13/2017Rosary Rally and Kick-Off Mass
09/13/201718th BSP- DepEd NCR Oratorical Contest
09/13/2017Opening of Teachers’ Sportsfest
09/13/2017Finalization on the Illustration Designs of the Conducted Division Big Books for Kinder to Grade 1
09/13/2017Seminar Workshop on the Transformation into a Corporate Attitude for School-Based Non-Teaching Personnel of SDO-Pasay City
09/13/2017Division Seminar-Workshop on the Responsive GPTAs Programs, Activities and Projects
09/11/2017Submission of Consolidated Report on Incidents of Children at Risk (CAR) and Children in COnflict with Law for SY 2016-2017
09/11/2017Five-Day Enhancement Training Course on Emergent Reading and Culture Awareness
09/11/2017Pasay City Dental Chapter 2nd Scientific Seminar
09/11/2017Orientation of the Working Committee for National Teachers’ Month Celebration
09/08/2017Revitalizing Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O)
09/08/2017Engagement on Interfacing of Supervisors with the School Heads: Revitalization of Interrelationships and Work Ethics
09/08/2017Weekly Iron Folic Acid (WIFA) Supplementation for Female Adolescent Learners in Public HS
09/08/2017Association of Gov’t Accountant of the Philippines Annual Convention Seminar
09/07/2017Financial Capability Workshop for Schools Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel of the Division of Pasay City
09/07/2017Final Planning-Meeting in Preparation for the Conduct of Pasay City Schools Press Conference (Elem and Secondary Schools)
09/07/20175th Regional Diwang: Sagisag Kultura ng Filipino Competition
09/07/2017Division Quiz Bee and On the Spot Skills and Exhibition of Talents
09/07/2017Pasyal-Aral sa Intramuros 2017
09/06/2017Existing Interventions on Climate Change Impact
09/06/2017Can of Charity
09/06/2017Capability Building of SDO-TVET Test Writers
09/06/2017Conduct of the Invent School Program of DOST-NCR and TAPI-DOST
09/06/20172017 International Social Science of the Borres Youth Leadership Institute
09/06/2017Regional Festival of Talents (SPFL)
09/06/2017Ika-26 Kumprensiya ng mga Mag-aaral ng Kasaysayan
09/06/2017Cooperative Benchmarking/Learning Journey for Cooperative Best Practices with Orientation on Gender and Development in Cooperatives
09/06/2017Visitation of the Image of our Lady of Faitma and Regional Marian Contest
09/06/2017List of Assigned Judges for the Elementary Level Skills Competition 2017
09/06/2017Addendum to Unnumbered Memo dated Sept 4, 2017: Division Meeting of EPP School Coordinators on the Finalization of Plan for Technolympics 2017
09/06/20172017 MTAP Convention and MTAP DepEd NCR Seminar-Workshop in Math for Elem, Secondary and Senior HS Teachers
09/06/2017Implementation of Approved HRTD Activity for School Heads and Teacher Leaders
09/06/2017Implementation of Approved HRTD Activity
09/05/2017Invitation to the Opening of the SPFL-Korean to 10 Pilot Schools in NCR
09/05/2017Composition of Division PTA Affairs Committee and Division Federation of PTAs for SY 2017-2018
09/05/2017Research Colloquium: 3rd Phase of the Research and Development Program in SDO-Pasay
09/04/2017Corrigendum to Unnumbered Div Memo re: Conduct of Divisionwide Writeshop for Campus Writers
09/04/2017Division Meeting of EPP School Coordinators on the Finalization of Plan for Technolympics 2017
09/04/2017Science Month Celebration
09/04/2017Meeting of School Coordinators and Department Heads/OIC-Heads in Science Cum Division-Based Learning Action Cell
09/04/2017Division Training Workshop on Enhancing the Scientific Skills of Secondary Science Teachers
09/04/2017Corrigendum to Unnumbered Memo dated August 31, 2017 re: Participants for the Second Level National Training for Child Protection Specialist (NCR)
09/04/2017BSP Meeting
09/04/2017Duties and Responsibilities of School Faculty President
09/04/2017Yes for PEACE-Bayanihan sa KKK ( Kapayapaan, Kaunlaran at Kasaganaan) and Reiteration of Declaration of all Schools a Zone of Peace
09/04/2017Lecture-Forum for the Opening of World Teachers’ Month